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  • Koro ColorWood Exterior Paint Koro ColorWood Exterior Paint

Koro ColorWood Exterior Paint

a decorative and protective paint for wood, especially for outdoor wood items.
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Koro ColorWood Exterior Paint is a decorative and protective paint for wood, especially for outdoor wood items. The product is manufactured from water-modified Polyurethane, so the paint film after finishing has a high gloss, toughness, smooth surface and gives the best wood protection thanks to the durability of Polyurethane.

Key features

Koro ColorWood Exterior Paint has excellent adhesion on many different surfaces including raw wood surfaces and old wooden surfaces that have been previously painted with other paints such as oil paints, solvents... long-term outdoor, no yellowing, peeling, and self-cleaning technology, keeping the building like new. In addition, resistance to UVs, water, alkali, moss and mold is much better than conventional solvent-based paints. Because it is a water-based, one-component paint, in a low VOCs formula, it does not contain lead and mercury, so it is very convenient, easy, safe to use and environmentally friendly.


  • Density (at 25oC): 1.2 kg/l.
  • VOC content: Very low
  • Consumption: 6-8 m2/kg/layer and depending on the surface state.
  • Packing size: 1kg, 5 kg & 20kg
  • Storage period: 12 months.


Surface preparation

  •  Clean wood surface, wipe out all oil marks, dust…let surface dried.

Application tool

  •  Brush, rulo, spray machine. Application tools must be clean.
  •  Can be appy by dipping method.


  •  Stir product from botton to top. Note, do not shake extremely, resulting in bubles…Wait for 10-20 minutes until bubles disappear.
  • Apply from 1 to 2 layers.
  •  Waiting time between each layer is around 1-2h (this time replies on many factors, like working temperature, air moisture…). The surface will dry complete afer 6-8h to package.
  • After 24h for use.
  • The curing process will be completely cured for 21 days, so during that period, should not put so heavy stuffs on it, as well as using chemical to clean.


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