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Koro LanShine AntiUV

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Koro LanShine AntiUV Paint is a high-grade exterior paint that offers an exquisite pearl gloss and exceptional features. This anti-UV paint provides superior heat reduction, waterproofing, mildew resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, and a unique self-cleaning lotus leaf effect. It is particularly effective in tropical environmental conditions.
Our premium exterior paint, Koro LanShine AntiUV Paint, is manufactured using state-of-the-art production lines and pure water, ensuring environmental friendliness. With very low VOC levels and the absence of harmful substances like APEO, lead, and mercury, this paint prioritizes the health and well-being of its users.


  • ANTI-UV: Our sol-gel process ensures surface hardness, preventing UV rays from fading paint colors.
  • SELF-CLEANING Lotus Leaf EFFECT: The microstructure alignment creates spherical droplets, carrying away dirt and germs.
  • THERMAL REDUCTION: Effectively cools painted surfaces and rooms in hot, tropical climates.
  • ELEGANT POOLS: The smooth, pearlescent surface delivers a timeless, luxurious beauty.
  • MOLD RESISTANCE: EPA antibacterial compounds inhibit mold and organism growth on the paint film.
  • ANTI-ALKALINE: Our mechanism forms a durable paint film, resisting moisture, cracks, and maintaining lasting color in harsh conditions.
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