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  • Koro SaltProof Primer Exterior Paint Koro SaltProof Primer Exterior Paint

Koro SaltProof Primer Exterior Paint

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Koro SaltProof Primer Exterior Paint is a primer product line made from a special resin formula that creates a solid base, perfect surface coverage, reverse waterproofing and saltwater intrusion, prevents moisture penetration and CO, CO2 gas in the air, preventing alkalization from taking place and damaging the coating film.

Key feature

  • Anti-Salting, anti-Alkaline, waterproofing
  • Enhancing the surface coverage, increasing adhesion ability and extending the life of the finished layer many times more than conventional  anti-alkali lining.
  • Density (at 25oC): 1.38 ± 0.05 (g/ml)
  • Permeability, ml/m2: Max 5
  • Adhesion, score: 1
  • VOC content, < 80grams/liter
  • Consumption: 9 – 12m2/lit/layer
  • Packing size: 1liter, 5 liters & 18 liters
  • Storage period: 36 months

Surface preparation

  • The surface must be firm, dry, free of substances that reduce adhesion such as oil, grease, dirt ... To make the surface flat and smooth, it is recommended to use a layer of high-quality putty.
  • Construction at a temperature range of -10°C -> 40°C.
  • The humidity of the surface is ≤ 16%.
  • Ambient temperature and humidity are measured in the area around the surface.

Paint application

  • Use a roller to apply a layer to the surface, paying attention to ensure that the film is evenly coated on the surface.
  • Surface drying time: 20 - 45 minutes.
  • Full drying time: 2 - 4 hours.


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